Meet Evelor 

Sassy CEO / Entrepreneur, #1 Mental Happiness Expert, 4x Author, Speaker...

 Evelor Savior has shared the stage with world-renowned speakers Les Brown, Manny Lopez, Greg Reid, John-Leslie Brown, and many others. She currently lives in downtown Miami, FL in between her weekly international travels and helping Thought-Leaders launch and grow their Personal Brands.

Evelor has published four books so far in the personal growth industry which helped her become an Influencer on social media, especially on Instagram where she entertains and inspires over 80,000+ friends. Her latest book "You Are Freaking AMAZING and Powerful" is now available!


Being a multi-talented Goddess, Evelor Savior is a Pop Recording Artist with Michael Jackson's producer Gardner Cole. She is a Talk Show Host on Bric Television and she LOVES helping spiritual Entrepreneurs get more publicity in the news and on social media so they can make the big impact they came to make on this gorgeous Planet Earth!

Tune in to your intuition and success will follow

Evelor Savior

A  Pop Musical Muse!

Evelor Savior is also a multi-lingual Musician and Singer-Songwriter. Her love of music began when she was just 3 years old after both of her parents transitioned to the other side. Her first adoptive family taught her to sing in churches and by the age of 9 she was writing her own songs for the boys she had a crush on at her church in Haiti.


Evelor is currently seeking a Talent Manager to help develop her Music career globally. You can enjoy Evelor Savior's musical arts on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tiday, XBox Music, iHeart Radio and YouTube!

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